To all the people out there, listen up. If we keep spoiling, ruining, and decomposing, the Earth it will be in its worst condition. If we do not give the care and support the Earth demands, it will rot further. Let us improve the Earth in the hope of a better future. Why can’t we all come together as a union and forget all the segregation and problems we all produce. Let us join and form a more civilized Earth, a happy place for future generations to prosper. Let our kids be the ones to walk our path, and feel pride in what their predecessors have formed, an inseparable pact. Let them celebrate our union and further distribute it. Let them be the ones who influence other future generations. Let us offer them the privilege.  

Why despoil the Earth? Why do so many of us give up? Why do we not help each other? These questions secretly lurk in all of us. It is disbelief in all of us that lets it be prominent. This disbelief seeps from individual to individual, some more or less, depending on the environment they have been raised in. Let’s embellish our best qualities and seek a better future. A happier future… One where we can raise our heads high and see the gleaming sunshine on our faces and yell out in a joyous voice:


“I did it!” 


Take a stand and do what nobody has done. Take a risk. End the suffering and the distress we have put upon ourselves. Rise and fight for yourself and others. Suppress the snake that is disbelief.  

Many are thinking, “How do I end my chronic disbelief in myself?” Many American, Russian, Syrian troops die in the cold blood of war. They should be praised for their bravery and war efforts. They should not have been killed but given a chance, like the one you have right now. Many problems we cannot solve, that does not mean to lock them in the closest and know they are lurking there. We must open it and fight the beast. Demand your happiness, time, and peace in an environment. 

I can visualize your bright future only if you choose the right path. Each and every one of us deserves glory and respect. We all possess unfounded unique, amazing, and inspiring abilities. Why must nations be so distraught from all the political, physical, and emotional battles? Many ongoing problems like suicide, depression, and heart disease still exist. You know how to do the right thing, but you don’t do it. All of us have the ingredients for success, but we do not utilize them.  

We need to help each other, help each other be the best versions of themselves. I demand that you take life by the horns and command it. Lead it towards your destiny. Your destiny that is full of light and fulfillment. Some of us seek what our companions seek, many don’t seek what they were programmed to seek, and end up falling off into life’s muck. Follow your calling and garner its full strength. Don’t succumb to life’s awful displeasures, instead take life and mold it to your liking.  

The main idea is to help people, people who you hate and people you love. Give them the helping hand they so desperately need. Many will discover your contribution and join you. You will inch towards fulfillment. Help others, not yourself first, realize that the person you see every day is a human being. Of course, varying characteristics do matter, but one thing that makes us human is our ability to think and work together. It has brought us here. Keep thinking and working together, no matter how much you hate it.  Cherish every sincere compliment one gives and discard all the negative ones. Negative compliments originate from those who are either envious, don’t see your perspective, or are simple-minded. Help others like you would if they were in dire need of saving.  

I look forward to the future where countless lives are saved, families are saved, and we have technological advances far greater than our wildest dreams. For it to exist, we need to help each other. Love each other and realize that the fault of one person could be a key attribute that takes this nation to another level. Respect the people who are outliers, different, out of the ordinary, and be a catalyst to them. Then we will have far more Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates that propagate further advances into the future.  


Help is what we need. Help from others. Be the game changer in the game of life, be the puzzle piece that solves cancer. Be the one who will not be bothered by any failure and instead be encouraged to move on. Help each other and offer never-ending support to your companions and enemies. Realize that life on average is about 71.5 years… make a change! 


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
-George Bernard Shaw