Student pricing

Task manager that is designed for students


Getting the basics right.


  • Unlimited tasks
  • Up to 3 shared users
  • Advanced search & filter
  • Bookmarks manager
  • Planner & Scheduler
  • File attachments
  • Checklist (subtasks)
  • Integrations


Billed annually. Cancel anytime.


  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Advanced search & filter
  • Bookmarks manager
  • Planner & Scheduler
  • Unlimited attachments
  • Checklist (subtasks)
  • Integrations (Google Classroom, Schoolloop)

Group discounts

Interested in a group discount for your school or district?

Consider additional benefits of giving it a trial in your school:

  • We commit to providing ongoing tutorial development and app support.
  • The app places no constraints or responsibilities on your IT staff.
  • The cost per student is nominal and allows us to provide ongoing support and development.

And best of all – this app is easy and fun to learn and use.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Free plan really free?

Yes, it is free forever. When you first start, you have a 2 weeks of Premium account to test out the full app. After that, it will be downgraded to Free.

How does your pricing work?

No coffee cost analogy? That is so overused. Here are the plan options, complete with regular non-caffeinated names.
Premium – You get all the features and capabilities of the full app for $2/month, billed a year at a time ($24/year). Renewal is automatic at the end of the year for another 12 months.
You can see the details of your subscription and edit details in Settings/Subscriptions.
$2/month is most definitely cheaper than a cup of joe!

Who is the Premium plan best for?

Premium is ideal for serious students who want to get a handle on the huge number of things they have to do. When you get organized, improve grades, and reduce workload stress.

Can I use this for my whole school?

BubblesPlanner for Students is available to schools, school districts, colleges, and universities. Just click on the “Get Quote” link, give us some information, and we’ll send you a price. There is no commitment and we do not sell or otherwise misuse your information.

Are there any pending addons or integrations ?

Today, the app integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom. We are already working on other integrations. As they are completed, they will appear as a link here; Settings/Integrations. Our goal is to integrate with as many learning management systems as possible to serve the largest number of students and their teachers.

How hard is it to connect to my Google Classroom account?

Simple. We have made the app as easy to use as possible. To connect to your Google Classroom account, go to Settings/Integrations and click the Google Classroom icon. Log in using your Google Classroom ID and password. Our app then downloads all your assignments and links to all related study and supporting materials.

How do I know which assignments belong with which class?

When BubblesPlanner for Students connects with your Google Classroom account, it assigns each class a different color. Everything relating to that class will have that color. So, when you look at your assignments in the app, you can tell at a glance which ones go to each class. There is also a label for each to make identification even easier.

How often do I have to update my app with new assignments and stuff?

When you open the app sync is initiated all new assignments and related materials links are imported automatically. You don’t have to do anything. You can also force an update any time by clicking the “Sync” icon in your browser. You never have to worry that you are working with incomplete information!

Can I share tasks or message with others?

Yes, you can. You need to set them up in Settings/Contacts. Setting them up involves sending them an invitation to connect from this Settings page. When they accept, you can share anything like classwork and materials you have created. You can share with anyone who has a BubblesPlanner account. Friends, classmates, teachers, tutors…

How do I add new assignments?

You do not have to have Google Classroom to create assignments by yourself. Just provide a due date on any task or material and it will become an assignment.
With the Premium account and Google Classroom connected all assignments provided by teachers are downloaded automatically. You are always current. With the Free account, you need to enter new assignments manually.

How do I get help if I have a question or problem?

We are developing video and text-based tutorials that show you how easy it is to accomplish something in the app. If you have any problems with the app itself, you can create a help request by clicking on the red icon at the bottom of the left side of the screen.