Two weeks, one week, then the last week the project is due, and what did you do all this time? You morphed into a sloth and didn’t notice you had a project due the next day. How do you combat this? By staying up late juggling a plethora of tasks frantically putting stuff together and hoping you create a Mona Lisa. Of course, this won’t work what did you expect? The megaton burden that is set upon your shoulders as the last hour of submission approaches sucks.


“Approximately 20 percent of people are chronic procrastinators; for them, the behavior cuts across all domains of life.”

Procrastination… a grueling uphill battle for most of my life, with the blue army fighting the red in my brain, a countless number of brain cells have died. Well, at least they somewhat won at the end of the battle, sometimes a tragic loss.

For some this happens almost every time: someone took a TV remote and kept rewinding to that past moment. It sucks knowing that it is programmed into your mind. Why do we keep updating our computers, but rarely many go for the 2019 brain update? This flawless update can be installed now, yes now!

It requires is that you stay consistent. If any of you don’t know what consistent means then by reading this far into my blog is a good example.

Does a three-week project being done in 1 to 3 days sound excruciating? Yes! Anyone from troglodyte (caveman) to an Einstein can answer that with an enthusiastic yes. A well-spent 10 minutes every day will be able to emphasize peace in your brain, and disrupt the reds and blues from going into and an all-out nuclear war? By experiencing all the battles that have led up to this present day I can confidently conclude: “It sucks to have war”.


By doing some research I am confident that this problem applies to you. The solution is to “Take the project and divide it into smaller parts. Create a quality checklist for each goal so you don’t miss a beat.”. Each day assign yourself a micro goal that is achievable in 15 minutes or less.

Organize, organize, organize…A simple checklist will do.

That should be your mantra from now on. Benjamin Franklin once said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned”, and that is why this method WORKS! It is the secret practice of organizing that takes low-level students and turns them into beasts with never-ending fire in their eyes. By creating a checklist you rapidly become optimized. The potential in a checklist is underexaggerated, and you should seriously try it for yourself.

Remember that slow and steady wins the race, in this case, war. 10 minutes a day for a project, all neatly organized into a checklist can save you the extra hours to go conquer the world. Instead of “Shit! I forgot”, you can go around humblebragging.

A combination of micro goals let’s creators create fabulous content for all of us to read, listen, watch, much more. How do you think Avengers Endgame was created? by a process, not a two-day cram. Something like this blog can be handled with micro goals. Obviously, my lazy ass has experienced everything from 2-day projects not being done all the way up to 5-month projects!

I do not recommend in the slightest bit that you stay with your old paleolithic brain and install to the new 2019 brain update.


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