Fail to stay organized? Here’s why.

Do you ever go by your day wondering what am I forgetting? Or sometimes your brain is telling you, “I should be doing something right now.” It gets annoying like a fly buzzing in your house that just won’t die. When you feel something just ...
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Task and stress management

Three most effective techniques for finishing project on time

Your teacher assigns a project. Now you are brainstorming the ideas that will help you get this project done. Your plan is different from the person sitting next to you, what if your approach is wrong and theirs is right. This list offers effective and ...
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Commitment task management

Be the one… Take a stance.

To all the people out there, listen up. If we keep spoiling, ruining, and decomposing, the Earth it will be in its worst condition. If we do not give the care and support the Earth demands, it will rot further. Let us improve the Earth ...
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Task management for students

Was Ben Franklin the Original Productivity and Time Management Guru?

Benjamin Franklin is known for many things. Like the other Founding Fathers of the United States, he was a remarkable individual. When you look at everything he did, you could classify him as a renaissance man. Even more incredible is that he, and his contemporaries, ...
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How to finish school projects lightning fast

Two weeks, one week, then the last week the project is due, and what did you do all this time? You morphed into a sloth and didn't notice you had a project due the next day. How do you combat this? By staying up late ...
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School productivity

One bad habit in High School that made me Fail hard

20 minutes, oh god. Eyes soar, weak, the nervousness. Get yourself together, c’mon, you have done this before, just roll with it. Heart thumping out of my chest, can’t handle the pressure. My teacher babbling about some crap again. “And that is how you simplify ...
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