About us

While I was working on the BubblesPlanner app, my son approached me with a request to address an ongoing school challenge; homework assignments management and visibility. The stress of missing assignments was an annoying and frustrating matter for him. Moreover, his grade in one class dropped a full letter due to one missing assignment! That’s painful for any student!

We have decided to build a student version of the BubblesPlanner application that will simplify the life of any student – designed so it will be easy and simple to use and frustration-free to implement. Together we started working on the student version of a full-featured task management app but tailored to the specific needs of students.

We both are passionate about productivity and simplification. We believe in the power of visualization. Our goal is to create an efficient homework planning and organizational tool for the students that integrates the power of task visualization. And, it must have bullet-proof reliability.

The concept of BubblesPlanner visualization is to integrate with Google Classroom and Schoolloop, presenting the most important information from these teaching tools in a simple dashboard. The app brings over assignments and materials automatically. It sorts everything by class and due date so that, at a glance, the student knows what is due when.

This tool is expressly designed to help the student become more organized, reduce the stress created trying to identify and balance all their assignments, increase confidence, and achieve better grades. Combining a “Getting Things Done” strategy and the use of an engaging graphical representation of tasks is expanding the possibilities and, enabling students to excel.

Note: BubblesPlanner is a software company based in California that was founded out of a passion for helping freelancers to achieve higher productivity through data visualization. We have made SIMPLIFICATION our mantra. Our goal is to create software that MAKES THINGS HAPPEN.

Our stories

“Being a student, it can be very stressful to think about all the commitments you have floating out there; homework, assignments, tests and quizzes, projects,
materials and research, school activities…
Even worse is the feeling, “Am I missing anything?” We all know that sinking feeling, … Sometimes you are sure that something is missing and cannot identify what it is. Once you realize what it is, it is already too late.
I consider myself an organized person. I even use a planner to keep track of things. Even with a colorful planner I still can’t keep track of all my assignments. Late assignments happen and not just to me, but other students as well.
I believe that with BubblesPlanner we can help many students who want to improve their grades and become better learners.”

–    Michael Batrakov | High school student

“My background rooted is in project management, business planning, forecasting, and computer science. I spent 21 years in business planning, forecasting, and backlog management, with the last 17 years in a very complex supply chain of a semiconductor company. Productivity and process automation was always the area of my expertise. I wanted to make an impact and create a product that could improve someone’s life.
At one point, I ran head-on into a productivity management issue. There were hundreds of tasks vying for my attention every day. As strange as it may sound, I discovered that it was incredibly challenging to find simple and yet functional application with a visual aspect of planning, scheduling, prioritizing, and managing. I saw the challenge and was hooked! Fast forward 2 years, and we have the BubblesPlanner solution!
In the process of building DataQlick, the parent company of BubblesPlanner, I built an amazing team of passionate, knowledgeable professionals and I couldn’t be more proud of their work.”

   Gennady Batrakov,  Founder

Our vision

BubblesPlanner for Students is on a mission to create software that helps many students get a better handle on managing their tasks, get organized, spend less time worrying about missing assignments and be more effective in achieving their goals.